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Hidden Pocket Infinity Scarf - Mammoth Plaid Flannel

$55.95 CAD

Made from Woven Flannel, which features strands that are individually dyed and woven together to make the fabric pattern! This makes the flannel less prone to fading and gives it more durability!

Some of the more traditional flannels are woven and then dyed on one side, which makes the fabric a little cheaper and it can be a little more stiff and not quite as snuggly!

Hidden pocket is perfectly sized to hold your phone, car keys, debit cards, scrunchies and your lip balm!

  • 72 inches in length allows for a double wrap around your neck.
  • 14 inches in width, this scarf is just the right width to cover your neck and shoulder area comfortably.
  • An 8 inch by 5 inch pocket gives ample room for your phone, keys, debit/credit card and more if needed.
  • Made from 100% Cotton Flannel.
Care Instructions

Some shrinkage may happen. To minimize shrinkage:

  • Wash in cold water on gentle cycle
  • Air dry

Each item is created with care and attention to detail and take a bit of time to create.

Please allow 3-4 business days for item construction in addition to shipping times.